Kyla Oberman Dishes on Jacobs Farm del Cabo Organic Tomato Program Highlights

Kyla Oberman Dishes on Jacobs Farm del Cabo Organic Tomato Program Highlights

SANTA CRUZ, CA - If you are me, then it is tomato time all the time. With companies like Jacobs Farm del Cabo helping raise the bar in fresh organic produce, both the consumer and the trade news writer in me is happy to the core. At present, nearly all of the company’s Baja and Mexico zones are ramping up from San Jose del Cabo, Zaragoza, and Maneadero to Tepentu, Ciudad Obregón, Vallecitos, and Torim—making the buying ample for retailers this winter.

Kyla Oberman, Marketing Manager, Jacobs Farm Del Cabo“All of our Del Cabo-branded tomatoes are grown year-round; however, we are seeing an exceptional peak right now which will run through March,” Kyla Oberman, Marketing Manager, shares with me. “Our products are organic and sustainably grown and we truly believe in and act on our tagline: Healthy Soils, Healthy Plants, Healthy People.”

Jacobs Farm del Cabo is ramping up its tomato production, giving retailers ample supply for the winter

This February, Jacobs Farm del Cabo is offering key items including its Organic Sugar Plum Grapes in a vibrant pint that Kyla refers to as Nature's candy, as well as the longtime favorite, Organic Heirloom Cherry Mix in pints. This pack is the essence of the Del Cabo grower collective, a combination of several best-tasting tomato varieties.

“Our Organic Heirloom Cherry Mix is a pack that offers a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes, which is what makes this pack so wonderful,” Kyla notes.

Jacobs Farm del Cabo ships out of Vernon, in Southern California, and South San Francisco, California as well.

One of Jacobs Farm del Cabo's organic offerings is its Organic Heirlom Cherry Mix, which gives consumers a variety of delicious tomatoes

For the Del Cabo team, the only thing that tastes sweeter than fresh organic produce to them is knowing that every bite supports the people and the earth that brought it to their customers—today and far into the future. This is a message that is not only a foundation on which they grow, but one that comes through in their products.

The Jacobs Farm del Cabo team brings great flavor to the table with all of its partners who also find that they can really taste the heart and passion put into the produce.

Our go-to-market strategy has been consistent from day one—grow delicious, healthy food without damaging the environment. Meanwhile, our efforts in and around the areas we grow positively benefit the people, communities, and the environment," Kyla reflects. "Our key audience is one that holds these values as a priority when seeking out their fresh produce. Most of our long-standing customers—both trade and consumer—are just that, because they believe in our mission and want to continue that support."

As the tomato category finds more and more growth and differentiation, keep checking back with AndNowUKnow for the latest and greatest from our industry friends.

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