LABELPAC Launches New Labelling Technology Line

LABELPAC Launches New Labelling Technology Line

DETROIT, MI - As new technology continues to hit the market, it becomes more efficient for growers to get their product from the farm to the shelf. Given the challenges that growers have seen this year in accessing labor for field, grove, and orchard work or in packing houses, maintaining the health of workers and much more, it’s no surprise that the interest in technology may have increased. Meeting this interest, LABELPAC has recently rolled out a new labelling technology line.

Sam Sleiman, President and Owner, LABELPAC“The concern from growers we hear is around minimizing labor. Wherever they can do without manual labor is where they want to automate,” says Sam Sleiman, President and Owner of LABELPAC in Windsor, Ontario, in a press release. “They’re scrambling for better technology that’s affordable and that works.”

This December, the company is introducing new technologies to label fresh produce that the company designs and manufactures in-house. The new products include Smart in-Tray MOTOHEAD® Vision label applicators, a high-speed labeling system that can identify various tray patterns and sizes of produce and that can communicate with various PTI compliance lines; the MOTOHEAD® FX series, a fixed in-tray label applicator that takes up a small footprint in challenging spaces and can also be integrated into packing lines; and the MOTOHEAD® XL Large label applicator, designed to apply labels up to 3” x 2” at high speeds and is mainly used for large watermelon and other fruit as well as on a wide range of conveyor and grading lines.

Meeting growing interest in technology across the industry, LABELPAC has recently rolled out a new labelling technology line

“Typically, a lot of watermelon growers are applying these labels by hand but with this, they can do it automatically at high speeds on various conveyors, packing lines, or grading lines,” adds Sleiman.

Along with wanting to minimize the use of labor, Sleiman says there are other needs he hears about from growers such as robotic solutions used in packing lines.

“Capabilities with our team of LABEPAC engineers is unlimited. We can automate nearly any imaginable request our customers may have. With our new MOTOHEAD Vision systems, and our various PLU labeling solutions, we can provide all this in-house and locally,” Sleiman says. “We are looking for farms willing to work with us on solutions, which can benefit them substantially with very little to no capital investment.”

The new products include Smart in-Tray MOTOHEAD® Vision label applicators as well as the MOTOHEAD® FX series and and the MOTOHEAD® XL Large label applicator

Contact LABELPAC to find out more about how you could benefit from this, especially during these difficult times.

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