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 Leah Halverson Launches Ten Acre Marketing

Leah Halverson Launches Ten Acre Marketing

GRAND FORKS, ND - It’s one thing to know that modern shoppers want the stories behind their products; it’s another thing entirely to successfully deliver them. Leah Halverson is bringing a lifetime and lineage of experience to the table to ensure that message is delivered loud and clear via new venture Ten Acre Marketing.

Leah Halverson, Founder, Ten Acre Marketing“There’s an entrepreneurial spirit in my DNA that I can’t ignore. I’m really eager to help other companies find success through their own unique ag story,” Leah said. “After having an idea in my head for a few years that wouldn’t go away, a desire in my heart, and the support of my familyI’m excited to get going on this new adventure.”

Based out of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Ten Acre Marketing will support companies involved in the field-to-plate journey through brand development, strategic marketing planning, creative and digital development, social media management, public relations, and event planning, a press release noted. Leah herself began her produce and ag promotions career over 13 years ago before rejoining her family’s business, Black Gold Farms. Throughout her career she’s helped build company brands, led industry organizations, and has been an advocate for farming and food.

Gregg Halverson, President, Black Gold Farms“Leah is always looking for a different and creative way to add value and fun to whatever she’s doing. She’s developed a system to strategically tell the Black Gold Farms story that has allowed us to grow, yet still be our authentic self,” Gregg Halverson, President of Black Gold Farms and Leah’s father, said. “Today, agriculture needs to tell their storiesnot only to consumers who are so far removed from the farm, but also to our customers. At the end of the dayfarming is a business, and Black Gold Farms is a brand. Leah has always understood that. I’m excited for her to be able to help others like she has our family’s farm.”

Even the name of her new company, Ten Acres, showcases that creative passionher family farm started on 10 acres of potatoes in 1928.

Gregg Halverson, President of Black Gold Farms, with his children Leah and John in the fields in 1982

“Hallie Halverson, my great-grandfather, was creative and used what he knew about the market, the environment and consumer trends to do something different,” Leah said. “And that set the stage for where we are now and where we are going—that sentiment has lasted for more than 90 years.”

Leah’s Ten Acre Marketing is up and ready to elevate field-to-plate stories as a marketing partner who will deal with the details of telling your story and help grow business. To find out more, click here.

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10 Acres is what Black Gold Farms started with in 1928. Leah's Great Grandfather, Hallie Halverson used what he knew about...