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LGS Specialty Sales Sources Avocados from Jalisco, Mexico; Luke Sears Details

LGS Specialty Sales Sources Avocados from Jalisco, Mexico; Luke Sears Details

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - The avocado has a very special hold on consumers, and that demand only continues to grow year over year. To help fulfill the need for more delicious fruit, LGS Specialty Sales will now be sourcing avocados from Jalisco, Mexico. This expansion of the produce supplier’s production network immediately follows the USDA-APHIS authorization last week.

Luke Sears, President and Founder, LGS Specialty Sales“We are happy to be able to satisfy our customers’ supply needs!” said Luke Sears, President and Founder of LGS Specialty Sales. “This new growing region will allow us to provide premium, high-quality product to all.”

According to a press release, the Jalisco avocado season runs from May through March, with peak months beginning August through December, boosting summertime avocado production when volumes out of Mexico are typically lower. Through this direct partnership with Jalisco, LGS Specialty Sales will expand its footprint of avocado production and bolster its volume to the United States.

This will aid the company in meeting heightened demand as avocado consumption continues to rise, utilizing the volume from Jalisco to fulfill the demands of the current market. Further showcasing the company’s emphasis on food safety and sustainability, the fields that LGS Specialty Sales will be sourcing from are GLOBALG.A.P.- and Rainforest Alliance-certified.

LGS Specialty Sales has expanded its production network and will now be sourcing avocados from Jalisco, Mexico

Jalisco’s sandy soil and perfect climate create an ideal environment for producing premium avocados that meet the quality standards of both buyers and shoppers. Contact the LGS Specialty Sales sales team to secure an order for these top-notch avocados.

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