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Limoneira Announces Formation of Grupo Argentino

Limoneira Announces Formation of Grupo Argentino

SANTA PAULA, CA - Limoneira has entered into a cooperative arrangement with leading Argentinian citrus growers and packers to form Grupo Argentino, which will complement the U.S. supply of lemons during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months with a consistent supply from Argentina. Alongside Limoneira, G.G.F. Trapani S.A., Padilla Citrus S.A., and EarlyCrop S.A. will also participate in the arrangement.

Alex Teague, Chief Operating Officer, Limoneira“Our One World of Citrus Model™ is reaping dividends for us, and Grupo Argentino is just the latest piece to the puzzle,” said Alex Teague, Limoneira Chief Operating Officer. “It takes time to find companies with like-minded philosophies and missions. Each of the members of Grupo Argentino share Limoneira’s dedication to providing uninterrupted supply and the highest quality citrus and service.”

Members of other corporations participating in the agreement also explicitly expressed a desire to meet the consumer demand for high-quality citrus and service.

Ricardo Trapani, Chief Executive Officer, F.G.F. Trapani “For more than 60 years, three generations of our family have produced and sold fresh lemons,” said Ricardo Trapani, F.G.F. Trapani Chief Executive Officer. “We have developed a reputation for quality and have demonstrated consistent growth. We export globally and are dedicated to sustainability, having received Global GAP, SEDEX, and BRC FOOD designations. The One World of Citrus is a logical distribution model for our company.”

In a press release, multiple members of the group communicated that their companies have deep roots in the citrus industry and a desire to perpetuate the category’s success.

Pablo Jose Padilla, Chief Executive Officer, PadillaPablo Jose Padilla, Chief Executive Officer of Padilla said, “We produce high quality citrus for Argentina’s consumption and for export to world markets. By controlling every part of our process, we ensure product quality to its final destination. All members of Grupo Argentino share this same approach and that’s why it makes sense for us to work together and utilize economies of scale.”

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These companies will gain greater strength through their alliance, as they were created with similar market-focused desires.

“EarlyCrop was formed with the aim of meeting demand during the Northern Hemisphere counter-season,” explained Fernando Seoane, EarlyCrop Director. “Coupled with state of the art technology, it has enabled significant growth in many markets throughout the world and this relationship builds on that in North America. It’s a win-win situation.”

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