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Lineage Logistics Announces Major Singapore Expansion With Acquisition of Mandai Link Logistics; Jeff Hogarth Shares

Lineage Logistics Announces Major Singapore Expansion With Acquisition of Mandai Link Logistics; Jeff Hogarth Shares

SINGAPORE - Lineage Logistics’ expansion blueprint is headlined by strategic acquisitions, and the provider has recently added on to its list of purchased companies. Entering a deal to acquire Mandai Link Logistics, the industry innovator has marked its entry into the Singapore market.

Jeff Hogarth, President, Asia Pacific, Lineage Logistics“Mandai established Singapore’s first fully automated cold storage facility and has been long considered a local market leader in the provision of cold storage warehousing and distribution services,” said Jeff Hogarth, President, Asia Pacific at Lineage. “Tan Seng Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Mandai, is a visionary who made a huge bet by investing early in automation, and we are pleased that she will stay on as an advisor to Lineage.”

Mandai has positioned itself as a one-stop hub for refrigerated food distribution in Singapore, with a full range of solutions including procurement, transport, and warehousing, according to a press release. Mandai’s main facility is fully automated and has integrated solar power and a rainwater collection system for washing its refrigerated trucks. The company also has a fleet of refrigerated trucks and a facility that can house 28,000 pallets.

Announcing its acquisition of Mandai Link Logistics, Lineage Logistics has marked its entry into the Singapore market

“Mandai’s facilities, combined with our industry-leading technology and innovations, will assist customers to navigate increasing supply chain demands in Singapore and internationally,” Hogarth continued. “We look forward to working closely with Mandai’s customers on these new opportunities.”

As noted in the release, this expansion into Singapore has been a long-term strategic goal for Lineage Logistics, as the company is focused on building out its Asia Pacific footprint to allow customers to take advantage of its cutting-edge, end-to-end logistics capabilities. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Surely this is not the last acquisition or expansion planned for Lineage Logistics’ evolving footprint, so stay tuned for the next update from ANUK.

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