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Little Bear Produce's Jeff Brechler Talks Year-Round Availability of Honeysuckle Red Onions

Little Bear Produce's Jeff Brechler Talks Year-Round Availability of Honeysuckle Red Onions

EDINBURG, TX - It’s not every day a beautiful new onion variety pops out the ground, but this season Little Bear Produce will be welcoming its first commercial crop of Honeysuckle Red Onions from the rich Texas soil. Newly ready for retailers the first week of April, this season marks the first time this unique variety will be available for year-round production.

A truly subtle red onion, Honeysuckle Reds are unique in that they do not overpower the palette. The key here is less pyruvic acid—Honeysuckle Reds provide a balance of flavors that consumers can’t get anywhere else.

Jeff Brechler, Sales, Little Bear Produce“Similar to those you find with yellow onions, there are a couple misconceptions in the sweet red onion industry,” Jeff Brechler, Sales, tells me about what sets this new onion variety apart. “When we use the word ‘sweet’ for the category, we’re not necessarily concerned about the sugar content—we measure the mildness, or the pyruvic acid level. We ask, ‘How palatable is this onion?’ and, for the category, ours prove to be more mild than other onions on the market.”

Coming right out of the gate with this new and attractive consumer packaging, Little Bear’s Honeysuckle Red Onions are adorned with pictures of the product, both whole and cut. Each consumer bag, available in 2 and 3 pound sizes, also features a quick story on the variety’s background. For bulk buys, Honeysuckle Reds are available in a 40 pound graphic carton.

Brechler told me to stay tuned for an entire campaign surrounding these Texas gems, including new retail and merchandising offerings. “We are currently working on a new marketing campaign surrounding Honeysuckle Reds, which includes partnering with our retailers and dietitians to offer consumers recipes, point of sales materials, and social media outreach,” he explained as we discussed the campaign to come. “We’ll begin rolling the campaign out in the next few weeks.”

One thing I love about the Honeysuckle Reds is that they make it that much easier to eat the rainbow. Those familiar with the concept of phytonutrients know that the colors of our fruits and veggies often translate to a specific nutrient that they contain. In this instance, eating the red/purple color of these onions fills your body with anthocyanins—which essentially work as an antioxidant.

Want to learn more about these and other offerings from Little Bear Produce? Check the company out at the Viva Fresh Produce Expo, April 20th through 22nd, at booth number 631.

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