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Mann Packing Highlights Finding New Ways to Enjoy Vegetables

SALINAS, CA - Innovation is a risky business, yet we thrive on it. Call us stubborn, call us crazy—but we aren’t afraid to discover, grow, and cut, and pack veggies differently, while teaching consumers new ways to eat them! You need a partner willing to invest in finding that next new thing; a partner that knows a fresh idea when we see one and knows how to deliver. With that in mind, welcome to What’s In Store.

Over 20 years ago, Mann Packing started growing trials of a new broccoli variety no one had ever heard of. It was a 100% edible broccoli plant that had only seen a few trials before, with long slender stalks, flesh that was tender to bite, and a broccoli-like top. It was sleeker looking and bright green in color than conventional broccoli, and, it was delicious. We didn’t know how to grow it. We didn’t know if anyone else would like it. But we had a feeling it would be a big hit.

So we went to work at something we believed in. We learned how to cook it. We asked chefs how they would like to cook it. We even asked them what they would call it. We didn’t know how much we should plant, we didn’t know how much it would yield—It took many years to learn how to grow, but we walked by a lot of acres, we planted a lot of acres, and we lost a lot of money. Even with ‘me-too’ style products emerging over the years, we’re still growing and still learning. But even so, Broccolini® has become a North American classic.

Fresher ideas. Fresher Experiences. Fresher results. Thank you for watching What’s In Store.

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