Mann Packing Veggie Rice & Pasta Offer On-Trend Flavor and Convenience

Mann Packing Veggie Rice & Pasta Offer On-Trend Flavor and Convenience

SALINAS, CA - Looking for a way to cut carbs without sacrificing flavor? How about the perfect rice or pasta swap? Mann Packing has you covered with its complete line of chef-inspired cuts of the on-trend superfoods that consumers crave.

Here’s What’s in Store.

Mann Packing, a Del Monte Fresh Company

Mann’s is introducing new value-added veggie lines that are more than mere noodles and rice.

With classic Italian-inspired varieties like Butternut Squash “Rotini,” Sweet Potato “Fettuccine,” and Kohlrabi “Linguine”—the first kohlrabi noodles on the market—the new Fresh Veggie Noodles will have consumers coming back for more. Convenient, fresh, and full of flavor—they’re bringing innovation and tradition together for a perfectly healthy, low-calorie alternative to pasta! So think outside the pasta box!

Mann Packing's line of fresh veggie pastas

The always versatile Cauliflower “Rice” now has company with the all-new Cauliflower “Fried Rice” Blend featuring Cauliflower, Kohlrabi, Carrot and Sugar Snap Peas—a first to the veggie rice category—and Broccoli & Sweet Potato “Rice” Blend. These colorful riced veggies give shoppers another quick and convenient way to introduce healthy veggies to staple dishes. Take a risk, go riceless!

Mann Packing's line of fresh veggie rices

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