Mariani Packing Co Adds New Marketing Strategist and Family Member, Natalie Mariani Kling

Mariani Packing Co Adds New Marketing Strategist and Family Member, Natalie Mariani Kling

VACAVILLE, CA - Celebrating 114 years as a family-owned and operated business, California-based Mariani Packing Co., is welcoming a 4th generation family member to its growing team. Mariani has announced that Natalie Mariani Kling is hopping on board as the Marketing Strategist as the company sets out to continue expanding the family vision.

Natalie Mariani Kling, Marketing Strategist, Mariani Packing Co"With consumers looking for whole food, plant-based snacks, and a growing interest in functional foods to reduce healthcare costs, we are primed and ready to be a solution and a resource for families around the world looking to take the next step in healthy living. There couldn't be a better time to join my family in driving our vision forward and working to make an impact that's bigger than ourselves," said Mariani Kling.

In her new role, Mariani Kling will help to carry out the company's vision to “Inspire Healthy Living” amongst all customers and community members, according to a press release. She will lead marketing efforts and help to share the family's story while also developing health and wellness content for both consumers and employees. Mariani Kling will also be driving product innovation in her new position, encouraging families to live healthier lives.

In addition, Mariani Kling also recently launched Mariani's new social media rollout on November 1 and is working with the team to develop a new website, which will be launching in spring 2021.

Mariani Packing Co., is welcoming 4th generation family member Natalie Mariani Kling to its growing team

This is not Mariani Kling's first role at her family's business. She is returning to Mariani after 13 years, previously having ran overseas operations and helped develop the Southeast Asian market. Since then, she has been involved as an active member of the MPC Board of Directors. She is also a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, bringing over 12 years of health and nutrition research to her new position.

"We're thrilled to have Natalie returning to the family business; to work side by side with her brothers, cousins, and our Community Members; and help position Mariani Packing Co. for success in the 21st Century," stated Bob Hyland, VP, Global CPG Sales and Marketing. "Having grown up in the business, as well as being a credentialed Nutritionist, make Natalie uniquely qualified for her new role. This blend of knowledge will be instrumental in helping us to innovate the kinds of products that speak to today's consumers—clean ingredients, great tasting, and food that works harder for them from a nutritional perspective.”

We would like to congratulate Natalie on her new role, and look forward to seeing her impact on the Mariani business.

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