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Mary Coppola and Mark Munger Discuss Preparing for the Storm—A BrandStorm Preview

Mary Coppola and Mark Munger Discuss Preparing for the Storm—A BrandStorm Preview

THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE - With United Fresh’s BrandStorm just a month away, many in our industry are sprinting toward the finish line to get their teams in order, target lists made, and driving topics prioritized for the digital showcase. Slated for March 9-11, the virtual event will be addressing a range of marketing topics from a local to global level, bringing in a host of new ideas, rare company platforms, and messaging prowess. To help support the fresh produce industry, United Fresh will be hosting a preview of the event on February 24 to further help all of us prepare for the two-day extravaganza.

Mary Coppola, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, United Fresh Produce Association“When making a decision to attend an event, often we rely on a review of the schedule, reading session descriptions, and speaker bios to understand what we’ll gain from attending. This preview will go deeper by outlining the objective of the sessions and discussions and present peer testimony of the value of attending BrandStorm, including first-hand accounts of how their businesses have improved due to the relationships that formed and concepts adopted from BrandStorm,” Mary Coppola, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, shares with me. “The preview is a great opportunity for a decision-maker to hear first-hand what they would be investing in for their marketing staff and to learn the ROI of sending their team to BrandStorm.”

Dubbed Preparing for the Storm: A BrandStorm Preview, this one-hour webinar intends to shed light on how United Fresh’s signature marketing event will transition to a virtual experience this year.

Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 4Earth Farms“The BrandStorm preview is a free opportunity to get detailed insights into this powerful and valuable marketing event. United’s Marketing and Merchandising Council has put together a very targeted and content-rich program this year and we encourage anyone who has marketing responsibilities to participate in the preview and then join us for the event!" Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 4Earth Farms and Chair of United Fresh’s Produce Marketing and Merchandising Council, expresses.

If you have not yet registered, check out the event info here, sign up, and get your engines started.

United Fresh Produce Association will be hosting a preview of the two-day Brandstorm event on February 24th

“Participants can expect to learn objectives for each of the education sessions, understand where the networking opportunities will be throughout the programming, and, as marketers, gain insights into how they can put their best brand image forward using the technology of this virtual event,” Mary says. “Whether your end customer is the consumer or another produce company, the current disruption in marketing strategies, skills, and tactics have impacted all of us.”

As Mary concludes, different companies use BrandStorm for a variety of business development opportunities.

“But, the bottom line is, if you invest in any type of marketing, this event is for you,” Mary wraps.

See you all next month at Brandstorm 2021 where our team will be uncapping our digital pen to take note of the new day in marketing.


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