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Mazzei-Franconi's John Clerou Discusses Current Potato Season

Mazzei-Franconi's John Clerou Discusses Current Potato Season

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Today is no different from any normal day, as I sit at my desk with potatoes heavy on my mind. While I’m often daydreaming about the ways I can enjoy them in my own home, a conversation with Mazzei-Franconi’s John Clerou steers me in a different direction, leaving me questioning how any produce department could be complete without the grower’s versatile varieties.

John Clerou, Mazzei-FranconiWe’ve got a few weeks under our belt now, and the quality of everything is looking good,” John explains to me. “We’re in the first third of our season, and we’re just hitting our stride and coming into some good volume of all three colors.”

Mazzei-Franconi kicked off its new crop season on May 3 with white, red, and gold potatoes. Currently, the grower is reporting similar acreage to last year’s harvest, with promotable volumes of all colors available in June through July. As it enters the bulk of the season, Mazzei-Franconi is expecting a normal-sized profile and tonnage for the crop, as cooperative weather has created ideal growing conditions.

“Overall, the potato market has been pretty good, and we’re expecting demand to really pick up around June,” continues John as he highlights a vital change in consumer buying behaviors across the potato category. “The demand for yellow potatoes has been really strong. That category has taken off, and the demand keeps upticking every year.”

Mazzei-Franconi is kicking off its new crop season with white, red, and gold potatoes as it expects promotable volumes, normal-sized profile and tonnage, and cooperative weather

Demand is also steady across the red and white potato categories. As retailers look to meet it, they should optimize the value of offering a new crop potato—a feat that truly sets Mazzei-Franconi apart in the category.

“We want retailers to see the benefits of offering a new crop potato,” continues John. “You’re getting something that’s fresh from the field and has a better taste and texture. Consumers are always looking for better quality, and you get that with fresher potatoes. That’s where we come in. We provide potatoes that are freshly harvested, and shoppers can tell the difference.”

To further drive consumers to the produce department in search of delicious potatoes, Mazzei-Franconi offers its enticing varieties in vibrant 5 lb bags, in addition to high graphic display bins sure to intrigue any shopper.

Welcome the grower’s red, white, and gold potatoes to your produce department, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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