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Mooney Farms Introduces New Micro-Videos and Website for Bella Sun Luci

Mooney Farms Introduces New Micro-Videos and Website for Bella Sun Luci

CHICO, CA - As a leading provider of California sun dried tomato products, Mooney Farms has taken it into its own hands to educate consumers on the somewhat mysterious produce-items. Creators of Bella Sun Luci products, Mooney Farms has introduced a line of Micro-videos, as well as a new consumer-facing website to help teach younger generations the beauty of sun dried tomatoes.

Michael McConnell, Art Director, Mooney Farms“The goal behind Mooney Farms' Micro-videos are to reach a younger target market and show them how easy it is to incorporate sun dried tomatoes into their diet,” said Michael McConnell, Mooney Farms' Art Director. “Millennials are used to having information at their fingertips, and also aren't going to use your products if they don't know how. Sun dried tomatoes aren't a mainstream product that everyone knows how to use, and our Micro-videos are a quick and useful tool to show exactly how to use our products in a fun and innovative way.”

Micro-videos show consumers exactly how to prepare the company’s wide array of tasty recipes, highlighting how easy to use and versatile Mooney’s products are in less than 60 seconds. The company says it aims to create the shortest films possible in order to maintain the attention of the viewer. The innovative visual marketing tool has been wildly successful on the company’s Facebook and Instagram page, Mooney says, with its first video on Mediterranean Brie reaching nearly 20,000 views on Facebook.

The second big marketing move for the company in the past few months has been the development of new, modern, and recipe-focused website for Bella Sun Luci. The website will feature an entire webpage showcasing the company’s full line of Micro-videos.

“Our current website is reflective of an old-world Mediterranean style focusing on our company and products, so the idea behind our new site is to focus mainly on beautiful food images and delicious recipes without a lot of background distractions,” added McConnell. “It was actually inspired by a fresh and modern look we used on our new product label, incorporating a bright white background with a beautiful food shot as the main focus. Seeing the response to this new look inspired Mooney Farms to create a fresh new website that focuses mainly on recipes and appetizing food images.”

Bella Sun Luci’s line of premium Mediterranean-inspired products include a variety of sweet sun dried tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, pasta sauces, Bruschetta spreads, estate-grown olive oil, risotto, and marinades. To learn more about Bella Sun Luci, visit www.BellaSunLuci.com, check out the wide array of Micro-videos on the company’s Facebook page, and stay tuned for the debut of the new website!

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