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Moxxy Is Now Literally a Virtual Marketing Agency

Moxxy Is Now Literally a Virtual Marketing Agency

SALINAS, CA - In this age of digital domination, you can have your calendar or favorite game in your pocket, so why can’t you have a marketer in your pocket, too? Well, with Moxxy Marketing, now you can. The full-service marketing agency gave up its brick-and-mortar office space at the end of 2019 to take operations virtual.

Karen Nardozza, President and Chief Executive Officer, Moxxy Marketing"With frequent trips across the country to attend industry events and work with clients, as well as long commutes for some employees, this transformation is enabling us to better serve clients and be more productive while giving employees an opportunity for better work-life balance," said Karen Nardozza, President and CEO.

As stated in a press release, half of Moxxy’s workforce was already working remotely from as far away as Portland, Oregon, and Atlanta, Georgia. Since December 2019, the rest of Moxxy’s account management and admin team members, some of whom previously commuted up to 90 minutes each way to the Salinas office, are working remotely, too.

"We knew nothing of coronavirus when we made the decision to go virtual last November, but now with so many businesses taking emergency measures to safeguard the health of employees and the community at large, we’re glad we made the change months ago because we’re efficient and able to continue operations relatively unaffected,” Nardozza continued. “The only adjustment has been seeing everyone’s kids on video calls, which is fun!"

With remote work cutting out hefty commute times, employees will gain an extra 750 hours, or over 31 days per year, to spend with their families, doing things they love, and recharging so they can be more strategic and creative when they are working.

Moxxy Marketing gave up its brick-and-mortar office space at the end of 2019 to take its operations virtual

"Today’s communications technology makes it all possible," added Molly Briseño, Vice President. "Our file servers are now 100 percent cloud-based and securely accessible from anywhere, and our daily scrum check-ins are video calls, as are our creative and strategy meetings. We can collaborate in documents and spreadsheets in real-time, and we even have an online whiteboard. It’s very exciting."

Trish James, Chief Marketing Officer at Moxxy-client Shuman Farms, expresses encouragement of the initiative.

Trish James, Chief Marketing Officer, Shuman Farms"Moxxy has supported our East Coast team remotely from the start of our relationship, with some of its team on the West Coast and some in Atlanta—and it works great," James said. "In today’s business environment, virtual teams make sense."

Moxxy also recognizes the value of in-person meetings and has arranged to use shared-workspace conference facilities around the country for client and team meetings.

"Going virtual also allows us to recruit and keep the best talent, wherever new team members might live,” Nardozza added. “Our clients win, our employees win, and my dogs and parrot win because when I’m not traveling, I’ll be working from my home office…so be prepared to see them on video calls!"

So, in other words, next time you’ve got a marketing conundrum, just consult the handheld computer in your pocket and your woes will be wiped away in no time. Stick with us as we continue covering the industry’s latest news here at AndNowUKnow.

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