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NatureSweet® Announces Launch of New Dulce Italiano Peppers

NatureSweet® Announces Launch of New Dulce Italiano Peppers

SAN ANTONIO, TX - A new launch in the world of fresh produce perks up ears of both buyers and suppliers alike, and this trade news writer is always happy to convey the good news. NatureSweet® is prepped to launch its NatureSweet® Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers.

Chadwick Boyd, Food and Lifestyle Expert, Television Host, Author, and Owner, Lovely & Delicious Enterprises“Our kitchens and tables just got a whole lot sweeter!” said Chadwick Boyd, notable food and lifestyle expert, who partnered with NatureSweet to launch the line. “These NatureSweet Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers are the sweetest I have ever cooked with. Unlike other peppers, you can cook the Dulce Italianos for any meal and occasion—breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Aldi shoppers can start with my four new recipes on NatureSweet.com.”

These peppers offer a satisfying, healthy crunch, and are all sweet with none of the heat, according to a press release. Retailers will be happy to note that these peppers can be advertised as easy additions to a variety of meals.

The grower's latest launch, NatureSweet® Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers, is an exciting addition to the pepper category

Chadwick Boyd has crafted several recipes bursting with flavor, such as a pomodoro pasta and quick-roasted peppers with soft scrambled eggs. He is also featured on the Dulce Italiano Sweet Pepper package.

As of right now, the NatureSweet Dulce Italiano Sweet Peppers will be available at Aldi Stores in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. However, this line will soon be hitting additional stores across the States. Will you be one of the retailers getting ahead of the demand?


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