NatureSweet Debuts its New Constellation Medley Tomato Pack

NatureSweet Debuts its New Constellation Medley Tomato Pack

SAN ANTONIO, TX - The tomato category is a competitive place to be, between snacking tomatoes, new varieties, and consumer branding initiatives. With a drive across the category to bring more flavor and consistency, NatureSweet Tomatoes is offering a new product this year for the produce department. 

NatureSweet's 24 Oz. Constellation Medley Packs

During this year’s PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, the company is debuting its Constellation medley pack featuring 5 different tomato varieties that address the versatility that tomato-lovers desire from their eating experiences.

Michael Joergensen, VP of Marketing, NatureSweet

“Research shows us that this is what the consumer wants, a tomato for every occasion - salads, snacking, sandwiches and cooking,” Michael Joergensen, Vice President of Marketing, tells me. “Our vision is to offer consistency, flavor variety, and a pack size that answers the call for differentiation within the produce aisle.”

Constellation is a predetermined mix featuring the SunBursts and Glorys varieties, as well as three new tomatoes, the Jubilees, a chocolate grape tomato, and an orange grape tomato. All these tomatoes have been bred for flavor with each answering a different calling – SunBursts are ideal for a sweet, healthy snack, the new orange grape tomato adds a burst of color and flavor to salads; while Glorys tomatoes are for cooking, Jubilees are ideal for sandwiches, and the new chocolate grape offers versatility for multiple uses.

NatureSweet has been dedicated to growing the perfect medium size tomato and that is where Jubilees came in. The variety is about 70 to 90 grams, and offers a way to diversify tomato offerings.

Michael tells me about the goal behind the Jubilees tomato at NatureSweet. “We are working with varieties designed to deliver high flavor and were also looking for a tomato with a size that fits a specific serving size – the sandwich. Typically when a consumer goes to the store they actually purchase 1.1 tomatoes per trip. We know that what they really want are two tomatoes – a smaller size for salads and snacking, and a larger size for sandwiches. There are two factors that influence the consumer not buying what they really want, and those are cost and the fear of waste. Consumers hate to waste produce and with the Jubilees you have a tomato that gives you 5 to 6 slices, the right amount for one sandwich with no waste.”

NatureSweet's 32 Oz. Constellation Medley Packs

“The chocolate also offers a little more tanginess and is a bit thicker than a traditional grape tomato. We like to consider it a hybrid between a grape and a cherry tomato,” Michael adds. “It isn’t only great as a snacking and salad tomato, but also in savory applications.”

The Constellation medley comes in larger format sizes including 24-ounce packages for retailers and 32-ounce for clubs. The vision behind the packaging for NatureSweet, is to increase the visibility of the product with a clean, unique design and vibrant contrast of tomato colors…great for fall.

Currently, the new product is in active rollout with key customers during this initial phase of growth. If you would like to check out the new Constellation medley pack, visit NatureSweet at PMA Fresh Summit booth 1121 in Atlanta, Georgia.


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