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Naturipe Farms Launches First-Ever Summer of Snacking Campaign; Steve Ware Comments

Naturipe Farms Launches First-Ever Summer of Snacking Campaign; Steve Ware Comments

SALINAS, CA - We’re officially in the heat of summer here in the United States, and Naturipe Farms is bringing the flavors of nature to retail shelves as it launches its inaugural Summer of Snacking campaign. Highlighting the benefits of healthy snacking done right, the grower is helping retailers take advantage of this produce-heavy promotional period as consumers enter a busy summer season after the pandemic.

Steven Ware, Vice President and General Manager of Value-Added, Naturipe Farms“Naturipe Snacks are a perfect pick for ready-to-eat snacking that nourishes and satisfies with protein, fiber, vitamin C, and calcium anytime and anywhere—with no preparation time required,” said Naturipe Vice President and General Manager of Value-Added Fresh, Steve Ware. “When you are looking for a pick-me-up, try our Boost Bentos! They are packed with fresh ingredients that nourish and energize to help you tackle the day.”

According to the release, Americans are snacking in record numbers, so how can consumers ensure that what they eat is both tasty and nutritious this summer, and how can retailers help promote fresh produce consumption? Enter Naturipe fresh berries and Naturipe Snacks Bliss and Boost Bentos. The grower’s full line of sweet, juicy, and delicious strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries make for a delightful and refreshing summer snack.

Naturipe Farms recently launched its inaugural Summer of Snacking campaign, highlighting the benefits of healthy snacking done right

Perfectly portioned and ready-to-eat, the Bentos are individually packaged snack boxes that come in a variety of flavor combinations and are guaranteed to satisfy any taste bud—whether it is sweet, salty, or both! On the sweeter side, the Bliss Bentos™ put a healthy twist on an indulgent snack with unique ingredients such as lemon coconut granola and chocolate-covered chickpeas with fresh fruit. On the savory side, with an added boost of protein, the Boost Bentos™ comes with a mix of cheeses, nuts, and fresh fruit.

“As a busy dad, I’m always looking for healthy snack options for my kids—and myself! This summer we’re reentering society, and it’s important to have easy, grab-and-go options. I’m very proud of our snacks and know you’ll love them too,” added Ware.

Perfectly portioned and ready-to-eat, Naturipe Snacks™ Bliss and Boost Bentos satisfy taste buds and are a convenient option as consumers take advantage of the summer season

Even with the return of pre-pandemic activities, the snacking sector still holds a strong pull as an often-visited section. And with industry leaders like Naturipe promoting healthy alternatives, consumers will be wanting to reach for these fresh offerings as they gear up for beach trips, family vacations, summer camp, or a return to the office.

Summer of Snacking establishes that the perfect summer snack is only a grocery store visit away, satisfying the sweet tooth for both young consumers and adults. As the weather continues to heat up, more exciting news from Naturipe Farms is expected.

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