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Nexxt Solutions Forms Partnership With Librestream to Introduce Augmented Reality to the Produce Industry

Nexxt Solutions Forms Partnership With Librestream to Introduce Augmented Reality to the Produce Industry

THE UNITED STATES - Thinking back on the technological innovation that has occurred in the past year alone is mind blowing, and as our industry continues to increasingly become a part of the evolution, pivotal partnerships have been formed to drive forward this initiative. Nexxt Solutions and Librestream have recently joined together to introduce augmented reality to the produce industry, unveiling a new platform that will provide smart data and guidance to increase operational efficiency.

Marco Bini, Principal, Nexxt Solutions“Our industry deals with perishables, and any idle time generates losses. I like this solution because many clients cannot afford to wait for service when personnel changes or equipment issues can prove so costly” said Marco Bini, Principal of Nexxt Solutions. “Librestream provides an exciting evolution in technology that allows to quickly and easily place any operator in touch with the expert of any company supplying equipment or services. The customer can start with a simple set up and can build and expand as needed. Guidance and solutions are immediately accessible as the expert becomes virtually present on the location. Librestream provides the hardware and the software to build on this foundation.”

The technology, known as Onsight, will be able to empower workers and customers with immediate access to content, people, smart data, and guidance that is needed to not only inspect, but quickly solve challenges that arise. With the simple click of a button, operators can stream hands-free video to an expert and in return receive instructions and training on how to resolve the issue, drastically cutting down troubleshooting and downtime.

The Onsight technology can be applied in the packing house and in the field in areas including:

  • Verifying and support using remote expert video assistance
  • Gaining consistency and productivity through digital work instructions
  • Creating intelligent data with AI Computer Vision
  • Capturing and centralizing content for training and audits
  • Visualizing IoT data from test instruments and data sources

Increased automation and remote working requires utilizing systems that leverage intelligence across organizations and operations. With this technology continuing to trend upward, an acceleration in decisions, reduced costs, increased productivity, and improved worker safety are all in the cards for those using these systems.

To see an example of the technology at work, click here.

As technology continues to make strides in the fresh produce industry, AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on the latest advancements.

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