North Bay Produce Boosts Summer Sales With Fresh Vegetable Program

North Bay Produce Boosts Summer Sales With Fresh Vegetable Program

TRAVERSE CITY, MI - North Bay Produce is bringing value to displays and intriguing shoppers to add a few more items to their carts this summer. The undeniable quality of our robust portfolio of fresh vegetables is sure to be a boon for sales in any produce department.

Here’s What’s in Store.

We offer our delicious French beans, snow peas, and sugar snaps year round, in addition to Brussels sprouts in October through February, and Butternut squash January through July. All of our unique and tantalizing offerings are handpicked and selected by expert farmers, ensuring the highest quality fresh produce for our customers.

North Bay Produce's French beans, snow peas, sugar snaps, Brussels sprouts, and Butternut squash will entice shoppers to increase fresh produce consumption

Each of these varieties is grown in Peru or Guatemala and harvested in the optimum location depending on the weather and time of year. The elevation and location of these farms create ideal conditions for growing the best-tasting vegetables in this region. We offer products that are clean and ready-to-eat, and come in microwaveable bags that feature a mouthwatering recipe.

Our production is certified by the highest standards, with a significant portion of these commodities coming from one grower. With an ally like North Bay Produce, retailers have the opportunity to build promotional plans specific to their needs, as we offer recipe cards, cook books, social media and print promotions, high resolution images for ads, and more.

With a production certified by the highest standards, North Bay Produce brings quality, flavor, and promotional support retailers can rely on

Gear up to collect those shopper dollars by adding a North Bay Produce program to your roster.

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