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Organics Unlimited's Mayra Velazquez de León Talks Sustainability Program

Organics Unlimited's Mayra Velazquez de León Talks Sustainability Program

SAN DIEGO, CA - As the produce industry continues to look towards sustainability as a way to both connect with consumers and protect the environment for future generations, Organics Unlimited is one company that is doing it right. With its sustainability program, the San Diego-based grower is producing organic bananas with the aim of bettering the health of the agricultural ecosystem for future generations.

Mayra Velazquez de León, President, Organics Unlimited

“Organic farming and sustainability go hand-in-hand when producing the freshest produce with the lowest cost to the environment,” said President Mayra Velazquez de León. “We are pleased with the continued progress of our sustainability program.”

Organics Unlimited’s sustainability program prioritizes organic planting, cultivating, and harvesting systems, all while employing environmentally friendly technologies that meet the strict organic farming guidelines throughout each phase of the growing cycle. According to a press release, Organics Unlimited touches on each of the following through its program: 

  • Propagating of new/existing plants to preserve healthy soil and eliminate/control infections without using of chemical pesticides
  • Composting technology to reuse organic residues to feed the soil while minimizing landfill waste
  • Fertilization systems to minimize run-off, preventing soil contamination/preserving the integrity of water
  • Irrigation systems to utilize reclaimed water—carefully managed to ensure preservation and conservation during dry seasons

Organic Bananas

“Organic, sustainable methods of farming are good for business as demand for bananas grown in environmentally sound conditions is increasing,” added Velazquez de León. “We will continue expanding and providing our distributors and retailers with quality organic produce using sustainable practices during growing, harvesting, and shipping operations.”

In an effort to improve efficiency, lower costs, and benefit the environment, all materials used in the harvest, packing, and shipping processes are re-useable or recyclable. Organics Unlimited bananas are transported from Mexico to the United States via truck, thereby shortening the distance traveled and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

For more information on Organics Unlimited and all the company’s programs, visit organicsunlimited.com.

Organics Unlimited

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