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Pacific Produce Continues Rapid Growth With Transition to Produce Pro Software

Pacific Produce Continues Rapid Growth With Transition to Produce Pro Software

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Pacific Produce began its dynamic trajectory over three decades ago, but made a big name for itself ten years ago by becoming one of the industry’s first certified woman-owned business. Striving to serve the Bay Area as a one-stop shop, the company has now tripled in size while also maintaining a commitment to invest, nurture, and grow in all aspects of business. The company has recently pivoted toward technology for growth, turning to Produce Pro Software to ensure sustainability and move forward with a new ERP software system.

“Produce Pro clearly understands the unique and specific needs of the produce industry. Any sales, distribution, or purchasing scenario we proposed they either had an answer or were able to get to the answer quickly,” said Jennifer Smith, Owner of Pacific Produce.

According to a press release, the Pacific Produce team has felt incredibly well-supported from the first week that Produce Pro Software’s system went live.

“I felt live week was, overall, a smooth transition mainly because we had the Produce Pro staff available and supporting us 24 hours a day. They were eager and willing to make adjustments, while allowing us to customize to our needs,” said Maritza Reynoso, Director of Operations, Pacific Produce. “Within operations, it was amazing to see right from the first day that none of our staff looked back at the old system. Produce Pro improved many of our past inefficiencies.”

Since implementing the new software system, different departments throughout the company have been able to create and refine processes, improve operational efficiency, and save time with enhanced reporting and communications. This has encouraged staff members to embrace change while now having access to:

  • Report writing and data analysis
  • Management of margins by sales order and product
  • Identification and allocation into true costs of products
  • Sales analysis reports, sales order attachments, and logs
  • Highlight customer preferences, trends, and build profiles with pricing tools

Pacific Produce was looking for more than just a new software system, it was looking for a long-term partner to ensure its continued momentum and growth. It found that and then some in Produce Pro Software.

Catherine Jirik, Director of Sales, Pacific Produce“I had personal experience with Produce Pro while at a previous employer, so I highly recommended its system to Pacific Produce,” said Catherine Jirik, Director of Sales, Pacific Produce. “Produce Pro is more than a technology company. It understands the needs of the produce distributor and beyond that; the needs of the end user. Produce Pro’s knowledge translates into an appreciation for the industry, and that type of partnership is invaluable.”


We wish the best of luck to Pacific Produce and Produce Pro Software as they each navigate this new collaboration. For more of the latest industry news, check back with us at ANUK.

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