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Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms’ Vivianna Greene Discusses Melon Program

Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms’ Vivianna Greene Discusses Melon Program

LOS ANGELES, CA - As we move into spring, consumers are chasing after produce that transports them to sunny locales. Enter Pacific Trellis Fruit, whose entire melon program promises to delight consumers all season long—and prep retailers for summer success.

Vivianna Green, Marketing Manager, Pacific Trellis Fruit“Dulcinea’s main variety is our PureHeart® Mini-Seedless Watermelon, which boasts a thin rind and consistent sweetness. It’s available year-round with peak supplies from April through October,” Vivianna Greene, Marketing Manager, shared with me when I tapped her to discuss the company’s melon program.

We also went over three other popular varieties: the Tuscan-Style® Extra Sweet Cantaloupes, available mid-April through October; the SunnyGold® Mini Seedless Watermelons, available April through September; and the Sugar Daddy® Seedless Watermelons, available year-round.

Dulcinea believes in having different fruits for consumers to purchase, making variety something that it strives to achieve—with its Mini Seedless melons serving as one of the grower's most popular items

“The Tuscan-Style melons are sweet with a creamy texture. They're a specialty item that has been successfully established in the market. Due to their small seed cavity, consumers get more fruit for their dollar,” Vivianna noted. “Our SunnyGolds are like the PureHearts insomuch that they also have a thin rind and delicious taste. The burst of yellow color that appears as it is sliced is a treat for the eye—especially when you expect to see red! This is a great alternative for consumers looking to differentiate their produce selection.”

The SugarDaddy brand, she went on, has a consistent red color throughout and will not cheat consumers of the refreshing taste expected in fresh watermelon.

Pacific Trellis Fruit's beautiful Tuscan-style melons provide consumers with a sweet and creamy texture

“Dulcinea believes in having different fruits for consumers to purchase, making variety something that we strive to achieve. One thing that is important when it comes to providing an assortment of fruit is that each one has exemplary taste, which we believe our varieties deliver on. Great tasting varieties will bring repeat business,” Vivianna reflected. “Diversification also includes bringing organic options to displays, therefore Dulcinea’s offering of organic PureHeart watermelons satisfies this popular need.”

The market continues to see a strong interest in both the Mini Watermelons and the Tuscan-Style cantaloupes, due to both their great taste and consistency.

Both are available in 6-count, 8-count, and 9-count boxes.

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