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Peruvian Fruit Export Volumes Increase Over 800% since 2002

Peruvian Fruit Export Volumes Increase Over 800% since 2002

PERU – Fruit exports from Peru have grown exponentially from 2002-2013, with grapes and mangoes taking the lead.

The total volume of exports from that country increased 805.4% in that timeframe. According to Proexpansión, this number is equivalent to an annual average growth of 22.2%.

As for 2014, the value of exports greatly increased over 2013. From January to November 2014, exports of fruits from Peru totaled $1,296,700,000, a 45% increase over the previous year.

Looking over the 11 year span, it is interesting to see which fruits have either increased or decreased as overall exports have grown. Though mangos remain a top export, they have decreased from 44% in 2002 to 20.5% currently. Other notable changes include:

  • Grapes increased its share to 39.1%
  • Avocados increased to 15.8%
  • Bananas decreased to 6.1%
  • Mandarins decreased to 4.1% 

Peru is also seeing a boom in blueberry exports. Last year, its total export value reached $24.3 million, a large increase over the $17.3 million in 2013. According to Proexpansión, blueberry exports have grown 36 times between 2012-2014.

The top importers of Peruvian fruit are the United States, the Netherlands, U.K., Hong Kong, China and Spain, respectively.

With these increases in its export market, Peru is positioning itselt to be a global agricultural player.