Pete’s Launches New Hydroponically Greenhouse Grown Packaged Salad Varieties

Pete’s Launches New Hydroponically Greenhouse Grown Packaged Salad Varieties

CARPINTERIA, CA - The packaged salad sector will soon see an expansion in Earth-friendly offerings as California-based Pete’s debuts an innovative and sustainable new line of packaged salad varieties, Greenhouse Fresh, in retail locations in and around the West Coast in early January.

Brian Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Pete's“All of us at Pete’s are thrilled to introduce a line of packaged salad varieties, that as we like to say, are as green as greens can get,” said Brian Cook, CEO of Pete’s. “At Pete’s, we work as a team and everything we do, we do for the greater good of people, of the planet, and of course our leafy greens. Greenhouse Fresh is a perfect example of how our new products ladder back to our broader company mission, vision, and values.”

Available in four varieties—Benevolent Butter, Hydro Spring Mix, Indoor Romaine, and Nice & Crunchy—Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh offers environmentally conscious consumers a range of fresh and sustainable packaged salad varieties that use 90 percent less land and water compared to field-grown product, stated the company’s release.

To add even more value for sustainable-forward consumers, Greenhouse Fresh packaging containers are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. The flexible, resealable closures use less plastic and emit less CO2 than rigid plastic closures.

Pete’s is also partnering with 1% For The Planet, pledging one percent of Greenhouse Fresh sales to The Recycling Partnership in an effort to help improve the recycling system.

Beth Schmitt, Senior Vice President of Corporate Engagement, The Recycling Partnership“We are honored Pete’s chose to expand its dedication to sustainability by joining The Recycling Partnership, and by nominating The Partnership to receive funds through its 1% For the Planet commitment,” said Beth Schmitt, Senior VP of Corporate Engagement at The Recycling Partnership. “Pete’s investment helps us further our goals of assisting every household to recycle more, recycle better, and to catalyze a circular economy.”

These indoor-grown lettuce varieties are also protected from outside elements and do not use triple washing post-harvest the same way many traditionally grown greens do, resulting in less water used during the harvesting process. Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh will be available at West Coast area retailers beginning in January and can be found in the produce department.

As sustainability and fresh-forward demands continue to rise, AndNowUKnow will continue to report on the latest products and updates the industry brings forth.


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