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The Procacci Brothers Unveil the Fresh Fruit Trio with New eat brighter! Packaging

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Welcome to What’s In Store. When it comes to having fun with your food, there is no better place to play than with Sesame Street and the eat brighter! initiative, just ask the team at Procacci Brothers.

The company recently unveiled new Sesame Street-themed packaging for their popular Fresh Fruit Trio, a signature item on their Garden Sweet line of assorted premium fruit and vegetable items. Available in 4 and 5 lb. bags, the 'eat brighter!' branding will feature Big Bird along with Navel Oranges, Granny Smith Apples, as well as either Gala or Red Delicious Apples. This new addition has been launched on the heels of the company’s Santa Sweets Authentic Grape Tomatoes featuring the lovable character, Elmo.

Parents and kids love the opportunity to snack on these traditional, healthy and popular items, especially when paired with a vibrant and well-known cast of characters like Big Bird and Elmo. This new packaging encourages youngsters to eat brighter! and consume more fruits and vegetables while increasing traffic through the produce department and driving sales at the register. Procacci is committed to maximizing the program’s worth for them and their retail partners with collaborative efforts to attract consumers to their 'eat brighter!' products on store shelves.

Moving forward, Procacci is striving to build a more comprehensive line of produce with the Sesame Street-themed packaging and 'eat brighter!' initiative. The Fresh Fruit Trio packages featuring Big Bird will be available for shipping in early May. It’s a fruitful future for Procacci and the much loved characters from Sesame street family and the 'eat brighter!' initiative.

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