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Produce Pro Offers Savings and Traceability with Fully-Integrated Warehouse Management System

WOODRIDGE, IL - When it is imperative that your products stay as fresh as possible, time is money. To find out how you can save time, and dollars, along with increasing traceability, here’s What’s In Store with Produce Pro Software.

At Produce Pro, our Warehouse Management System stands out amongst the rest, providing air-tight traceability for you and your customers. Our ability to trace product down to the pallet and case level differentiates us from other options as we look to make you aware of every product in real-time.

Now marking its 10th birthday, our WMS was introduced in 2007, and has only gained loyalty and strength as it continues to be a reliable asset to our customers.

In addition to traceability and transparency prowess, enjoy increased efficiencies while reducing costs. WMS means more ROI for your business, where you can see up to 99 percent accuracy on inventory, 75 percent fewer errors, as well as sizeable increases in day shift order selection, night shift order selection, and operational efficiency.

Flexible, highly mobile, and scalable enough to serve an operation of any size, this fully-integrated system increases efficiency across the board. And because it is not a third-party solution, our WMS is fully integrated with Produce Pro.

With the ability to route your workers in the most efficient picking path to minimize their travel time and increase the speed of packages picked. It can also direct staff on what work is ready to be executed and where pallets are to be delivered, from putting away inbound loads, to directing replenishment, prepping your staff for inbound shipments by letting them know exactly what’s due to come in.

And happier employees translate to even higher quality customer service.

Make Produce Pro the first choice for your WMS solution, and our team is sure it will be the last word in traceability and efficiency. Learn more at ProducePro.com.

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