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Produce Pro Software Releases the New Quality Control App

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Quality Control users now have a mobile way to collect the inspection data and pictures they need. Produce Pro Software is introducing its Quality Control App, allowing users to easily perform product inspections, capture product images, and generate inspection reports. This way, users can start an inspection before product is taken off the truck, after it is received, or anytime it is in inventory.

Instead of the manual pen and paper of the past, you can now replace calling vendors, buyers, and salespeople and let Produce Pro tell them the product quality. The Quality Control App allows staff to evaluate product through a mobile device, and then have all the information automatically saved onto the lots within Produce Pro. The inspection report PDF can be viewed within Produce Pro and emailed to a vendor, doing the extra work so you don’t have to.

When a report is made, the inspection page pulls the criteria from your Produce Pro system based on the commodity and gives a score. Produce Pro Software’s quality scoring is specific to each business and based on specific quality parameters. The values are then stored on the company’s lot. Using the Quality Control app, you can increase the visibility of your product quality faster then ever, and make communications between buyers and vendors a breeze.

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