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Produce Pro Software's Analytics Offers Customized Solutions

WOODRIDGE, IL - Produce Pro Software’s Analytics solution puts powerful, interactive business intelligence at your fingertips while balancing self-service, agility, reliability, and security.

This is What’s in Store.

As a business, you need comprehensive and reliable information because gaps in your knowledge can be costly. With a fully-integrated dashboard tool like Produce Pro’s analytics solution there are countless ways to better understand and manage your operation.

Produce Pro Software Analytics can easily link to other databases and sources

You can browse, summarize, and “slice and dice” Produce Pro data with fast, easy-to-use, easy-to-read tools, or link to other databases and sources. Review historical data and make comparisons year over year or for specific time periods. Generate, schedule, and share customized reports with a click of a button, even making multi-company reporting simple.

And, the breadth of this platform doesn’t stop there.

Trace high-level metrics such as profitability and revenue while identifying cost-saving opportunities. Anticipate changes that could affect your business, such as market fluctuation, trends, and seasonal variation. Plus, use customized dashboards to help supervisors analyze their departments and motivate employees.

Produce Pro Software Analytics is intuitive, easy-to-use, and completely self-service

It’s an intuitive, easy to use, self-service tool, with an array of options to create charts, graphs, and drill-down reports at your disposal. With Analytics, you’ll be even better prepared to take action and drive your business’ success.

Contact Produce Pro Software today to learn more or visit producepro.com.

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