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Produce Pro's Recall Entry Software Makes Managing Recall Painless

WOODRIDGE, IL - Produce Pro Software's Recall Entry Program makes it easy to manage product recalls; both large and small.

With a variety of research tools at your fingertips, you’ll have the ability to trace any item throughout its lifecycle in real time . . . And, within one interactive screen!

Produce Pro's Recall Entry Software lets you trace any item

Simply identify a product or lot, and our program builds the recall, tracing each piece of product to its final destination. You can even freeze affected product on hand.

Next, the program consolidates contact data for any customers you need to alert and call. Assign follow-up tasks to team members, confirm each step of their outreach, and close the recall when it's complete. All, while maintaining a clear view of progress at any stage of the recall.

Our program can also be used for mock-recalls, so your team can be prepared when an actual recall strikes.

Use Produce Pro's Entry Recall Software to run mock-recalls

Having the ability to quickly pull accurate data while maintaining electronic tracking and traceability during such a critical time, like a recall, is important.

Your employees will thank you! Your auditor will thank you! And, you’ll thank us!

Be prepared (and organized) for any product recall with Produce Pro Software.

To learn more, visit producepro.com.

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