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Pure Flavor and Sakata Sign Exclusive Agreement for Marzanito™ Tomatoes

Pure Flavor and Sakata Sign Exclusive Agreement for Marzanito™ Tomatoes

LEAMINGTON, ON - Pure Flavor has been plenty busy in the past few months, and on the tails of an exclusive marketing agreement for peppers with Enza Zaden, the company today announced another exclusive agreement. Sakata’s mini San Marzano style tomato will be now be marketed under Pure Flavor’s Marzanito™ name.

Jamie Moracci, President, Pure Flavor

“Pure Flavor is on a mission to continue pushing for the best flavor experience for the end consumer,” says Jamie Moracci, President of Pure Flavor. “A lot of people talk flavor, but very few develop, allocate resources, and commit to it becoming a reality.  This variety is proof that we’re serious about flavor!” 

Available throughout North America, this exclusive variety has been in development for many years. Marzanito™ is balanced with sweetness, a tender flesh, and a meaty inside, making it an ideal cooking tomato. 

Matt Mastronardi, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Flavor®

“This variety has a distinct flavor and offers characteristics which cannot be found in other tomatoes,” adds Matt Mastronardi, Chief Marketing Officer for Pure Flavor. These mini San Marzano style tomatoes will also be an important tomato SKU to add to produce departments, Mastronardi is sure to include.

Kimberly Nerli, Senior Protected Culture Manager, Sakata Seed America“At Sakata, our team is passionate about our efforts to create varieties that will challenge and shape the future of the industry,” said Kimberly Nerli, Senior Protected Culture Manager of Sakata Seed America. “Creating viable solutions for both growers and consumers remains the central focus of the specialty tomato program, while always keeping in mind the importance of creating a powerful flavor profile across our entire portfolio.”

Pure Flavor's Marzanito Tomatoes

Sakata has developed a diverse line of specialty tomatoes that includes rounds, grapes, and cherries in a variety of sizes and colors. Pure Flavor notes in a press release that this extensive line illustrates Sakata’s understanding of the needs of the North American market and its passion for delivering above and beyond industry standards.

Pure Flavor®

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