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Redner's Markets Jim Hickey and J. Marchini Farms' Cindy Rivas Win Cash Prizes for Chelan's New Packaging Quiz

Redner's Markets Jim Hickey and J. Marchini Farms' Cindy Rivas Win Cash Prizes for Chelan's New Packaging Quiz

CHELAN, WA - Chelan Fresh is hailing new packaging for consumers to take home their Rockit apples in, and to ensure you knew the key points of the launch, we teamed up to challenge all sides of the industry to a short Quiz Quix.

While many raced through, only one from each side could claim overall victory. This time, it was Jim Hickey, Senior Buyer at Redner's Markets, and Cindy Rivas, Food Safety Manager for J. Marchini Farms, that took the titles for their respective categories and the $100 cash prizes to match.

Jim Hickey, Senior Buyer, Redner's Markets"ANUK and The Snack seem to have enlightened the produce industry with a fun and trendy approach to provide cutting-edge information. Thanks for ALL you do!" Jim shared with me.

Cindy Rivas, Food Safety Manager, J. Marchini Farms“I look forward to the ANUK quizzes…actually, I was very surprised that I won,” Cindy shared with me upon notification. She added, “I enjoyed reading the Citrus Snapshot in this month’s edition of The Snack.”

But of course, they weren’t the only industry members to show off some Shuttle Pack expertese. Take a look at the leaderboard below for your name, someone you know, or someone you want to compete against in an upcoming Quiz Quix.

Missed your chance and want to join the fun? While you might have missed out on the cash, you can certainly try your hand by following the link below. Maybe it will even prepare you for the next round.

Rockit Shuttle Pack Quiz

In the spirit of spreading the knowledge, and maybe a small hint, here is what stumped quizzers the most.

Most Missed Question:

Prior to the Shuttle Pack, what was the Rockit Apple’s signature packaging?


An on-the-go tube.

Quiz Quix is our way of encouraging some healthy, fun, and informative competition within the industry.

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Congratulations to both Jim and Cindy!

Quiz Quix

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