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RollinGreens Launches New Plant-Based Taco Pack

RollinGreens Launches New Plant-Based Taco Pack

BOULDER, CO - As people everywhere begin speaking their New Year’s resolutions into existence, one common goal that seems to be popping up is the desire to add more produce into their lives in any way possible. RollinGreens is capitalizing on this resolution with the launch of its new chef-designed, shelf-stable Taco Pack, a new plant-based meat alternative.

Lindsey Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, RollinGreens"RollinGreens has made a big impact this year in the ever-evolving food industry, and we've seen a rapid sales acceleration during the pandemic in healthy at-home alternatives," said Lindsey Cunningham, CEO and Co-Founder. "In 2021, we are looking forward to maximizing our growth with new products like the Taco Pack, accelerated direct-to-consumer business, scaling our partnership with QVC and supporting our retailers nationwide."

The RollinGreens Taco Pack is made with 10 simple ingredients and each pack replaces one pound of beef, saving the roughly four million gallons of water it would take to produce conventional meat, according to a press release.

Capitalizing on the growing plant-based market, RollinGreens announced the launch of its new Taco Pack plant-based meat

Each Taco Pack offers consumers 60 grams of protein and mimics the taste and texture of traditional beef.

Ryan "Chef Ko" Cunningham, Chef and Co-Founder, RollinGreens"Up until today, our focus has primarily been on tasty frozen appetizers, but with food trends rapidly changing, convenience more important than ever, the need for more plant-based alternatives, and conscious consumption at an all-time high, our taco pack is a great solution," said Chef Ko, Chef and Co-Founder. "Inspired by authentic Mexican flavors, we have created a delicious, meat-free meal that the whole family can enjoy together regardless of their dietary requirements. It's tasty, easy to prepare, and something everyone will crave."

Made with 100 percent U.S.-grown peas and containing no soy, the Taco Packs offer shoppers a healthy new way to increase protein consumption while also loading up on nutrient-rich vegetables.

Each RollinGreens' Taco Pack contains 60 grams of protein derived from 100 percent U.S.-grown peas as well as 10 other simple ingredients

The new product is now available for presale on the RollinGreens website and retails for $9.99 per pack, shipping out the second week of February. The plant-based meat will also be available in Thrive Market starting in February. Other RollinGreens products are sold in Kroger, Walmart, Whole Foods, Wegmans, and more across the nation.

What role will plant-based products play in the fresh produce market? Keep reading AndNowUKnow as we go in search of the answers.


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