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Sage Fruit Company Strategizes for National Pear Month

Sage Fruit Company Strategizes for National Pear Month

YAKIMA, WA - Yes, it’s true. I’m one of those holiday enthusiasts who refers to the month of December as “Christmas month.” And, as a trade news writer, December also signals National Pear Month, meaning I have tons to celebrate! There’s no better way to get in the spirit of this produce-centric celebration than linking up with our industry friends, so I recently got in touch with Chuck Sinks, President of Sales and Marketing at Sage Fruit Company.

Chuck Sinks, President of Sales and Marketing, Sage Fruit Company“We are promoting National Pear Month and World Pear Day, which was on December 5, across our social media platforms by providing recipes and educational information to consumers,” said Chuck. “Additionally, we have partnered with The Produce Moms for an IGTV segment that will go live mid-to-late December.”

Chuck told me that Sage Fruit has a high-quality pear crop this season with excellent marketing potential. Because of the distinguished color differences in each variety, pears are known as an elegant fruit and make wonderful, eye-catching displays at retail. Carrying multiple varieties and educating consumers on the different flavor profiles and uses of each are the best ways to ensure category success.

Sage Fruit Company has seen consumer demand of its 2 lb pouch bag pears increase as of late due to the pandemic

“Retailers can utilize their digital marketing teams to help promote pears throughout the month and educate consumers. With the added efforts of social and digital marketing, consumers will be on the lookout while in-store, as well as if they are purchasing for delivery or curbside pick-up. The goal should be to keep pears top of mind,” Chuck continued.

Sage Fruit has seen consumer demand of 2 lb pouch bag pears increase as of late. As we’ve all observed this past year, the pandemic has caused consumers to push for more packaged produce due to its added safety. Bagged pears are also convenient as grab-and-go options and for online ordering, meaning they’re a boon for consumers this holiday season.

In celebration of National Pear Month and National Pear Day, Sage Fruit Company will be promoting the category across its social media platforms through recipes and educational information

“All shoppers should have pears in their basket because they are the pear-fect winter fruit. With so many unique flavor profiles, there is sure to be a variety for everyone. They’re also extremely versatile; you can eat them fresh, on pizza, baked, poached, sweet, or savory,” Chuck explains.

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