Sales Data Shows Citrus on the Rise; Sunkist Promotes Seasonal Citrus

Sales Data Shows Citrus on the Rise; Sunkist Promotes Seasonal Citrus

VALENCIA, CA – Citrus products across the board are seeing a rise in sales, an excellent complement to the current citrus season. According to data recently released by IRI Worldwide, total citrus sales in dollars are up by 8 percent from last year in the December – February period.

Joan Wickham, Director of Communications, Sunkist Growers

Joan Wickham, Director of Communications, said in a press release, “As temperatures rise with the beginning of spring, consumer focus on healthy eating intensifies and retailers can capitalize on health trends with the many varieties of seasonal citrus that are available throughout the spring.”

Sales increases have been especially noted for both the nutrient-rich Cara Cara Navel orange with sales up 12.5 percent by volume from 2015, and florally scented Meyer lemons in an increase of sales by volume of 4.9 percent from last last year.

“Consumers are seeking fresh, bright and delicious foods during the winter months – creating great opportunity for peak season citrus,” added Wickham. 

Sunkist suggested that retailers can benefit on this mid-season citrus trend by brushing up on which products are currently moving and available through the season. Unless noted, the following recent harvests are available from Sunkist through May: 

  • Ojai Pixie tangerines
  • Gold Nugget variety mandarins
  • Meyer lemons
  • Cara Cara Navel oranges
  • California Star Ruby grapefruit (through July)

Reach Sunkist at [email protected] for more information on Sunkist nutritional information, point-of-sales materials, and current products.


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