Shuman Farms' Healthy Family Project Makes Vital Impact Through Award-Winning Program

Shuman Farms' Healthy Family Project Makes Vital Impact Through Award-Winning Program

REIDSVILLE, GA - An award-winning program designed to raise brand awareness through retail dietitians, nutrition professionals, and school outreach is continuing to inspire healthy choices in-store, at home, and in school.

Here’s What’s In Store.

Healthy Family Project - Mission for Nutrition
The Healthy Family Project debuted an award-winning program to inspire children to reach for fresh produce

The Healthy Family Project is on a mission for nutrition. With on-demand kits to give registered dietitians and nutritionists tools to engage with consumers about how to incorporate more fresh produce into their meals, we work to ensure adding our program to your stores is no work at all.

From dietitian-hosted cooking classes, focused social media outreach, and sponsorship opportunities to tailored e-newsletters, we ensure every resource is in your team’s toolbox. Because we understand they aren’t just a member of the staff, they are the gateway to stronger fresh produce sales and, ultimately, your shoppers’ loyalty.

Cooking Class
One of the activations that the Healthy Family Project works on is its cooking classes to further teach the importance of nutrition and healthy eating

There is a reason the Mission for Nutrition is going into our ninth year, and we’re pleased to be leading the “Food is Medicine” conversation with important stakeholders. Having expanded to a seven-month program and grown our audience to not only retail dietitians and nutritional directors in schools, but also private sector nutrition experts and registered dietitians, we are ready to be the partner you and your customers deserve.

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