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Sobeys' Joe Soe and EarthFresh Foods' Lisa Kacur and Stephanie Cutaia Win The September 2017 Snack Challenge

Sobeys' Joe Soe and EarthFresh Foods' Lisa Kacur and Stephanie Cutaia Win The September 2017 Snack Challenge


SACRAMENTO, CA - In our latest AndNowUKnow’s cover contest, we asked the industry who could spot the ANUK apple logo hidden on the cover of the July issue of The Snack. And though we had many eagle-eyed respondents taking up the challenge, only a select few could take home our grand prize—$100.

In a photo-finish—pun intended—Digital Brand Manager Lisa Kacur and Marketing Manager Stephanie Cutaia of EarthFresh Foods teamed up to take home first—proving to have the sharpest eyes around. The duo found our logo and got in touch with us in well under five minutes, claiming their prize in what may be our most challenging cover contest to date.

Lisa Kacur, Digital Brand Manager and Stephanie Cutaia, Marketing Manager, of EarthFresh Foods

In addition to Lisa and Stephanie, this month we’re offering a second $100 prize to the quickest competitor from the buy-side of our industry. This month’s retail prize went to Joe Soe, Manager of Produce Sourcing for Sobeys, who took to the contest with some serious perspicacity.

Joe Soe, Manager of Produce Sourcing, Sobeys

While only a few can claim our prize, we would like to congratulate many of our eagle-eyed readers, including: 

  • Monina Knox of Sobeys
  • Frank Coppola of Double Diamond Farms
  • Danelle Huber of CMI Orchards

And maybe our most impressive contestant this month was Hannah Sherrod, daughter of David Sherrod of the Southeast Produce Council. Hannah clocked in with one of the fastest times. And I understand she has a birthday coming up on Monday. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

If you missed the logo challenge, make sure to subscribe to The Snack Magazine here (subscription is valued at $129 per year), and keep an eye out for future contest announcements on ANUK.

September, 2017 Snack Magazine–Volume 27

Contest rules stipulate that submissions include the entrant pointing out the logo on the cover of the appropriate issue of The Snack Magazine. Once we announce the contest (and only then), the countdown begins.

Best of luck to all our future participants, and congratulations to those who found our logo!

The Snack Magazine