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Solinftec Expands Partnership With GROWMARK; Britaldo Hernandez, Daniel Padrão, Heather Thompson, and Lance Ruppert Share

Solinftec Expands Partnership With GROWMARK; Britaldo Hernandez, Daniel Padrão, Heather Thompson, and Lance Ruppert Share

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN & BLOOMINGTON, IL - It must be the season for expanded partnerships, as we are seeing operators from across the industry linking arms to build out their long-term goals. Solinftec is one such company, recently announcing that it will extend its partnership with GROWMARK through a new cutting-edge agtech robotic device.

Britaldo Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer, Solinftec“I’m proud to see our company leading the evolution of new agriculture technology,” said Britaldo Hernandez, Solinftec’s Chief Executive Officer. “For the past 15 years, we’ve been dedicated to evolving agriculture practices hand-in-hand with farmers. There has always been a pull between ag operations and the field’s ecosystem, but we are excited to build new technologies that orchestrate bringing these together and democratize the knowledges.”

In tandem with Solinftec’s ALICE platform, the robot will not only scan for crop health and nutrition, insects, and weeds, but monitor the entire field ecosystem and provide real-time insights.

The end goal is to increase yields, improve input usage, and lower environmental impact. GROWMARK will work to fine-tune the technology of agriculture operations in North America from planting to harvesting.

Daniel Padrão, Chief Operating Officer, Solinftec“We’re taking our robot directly to the fields for practical implications,” said Daniel Padrão, Solinftec’s Chief Operating Officer. “This cutting-edge technology will help develop agricultural solutions and support sustainable farm practices. We are honored to have such a progressive partner as GROWMARK to move forward with this first launch, as we continue to work together to support farmers on seizing the opportunities in agriculture.”

A press release explained that the partnership is a natural evolution of GROWMARK’s AgValidity trial and testing program, along with its new omnichannel platforms that deliver custom solutions. The goal is to have the robot commercially available for the 2023 season.

Heather Thompson, Innovation Director, GROWMARK“GROWMARK and our System of FS Cooperative members are recognized as cutting-edge partners by the Farmer of the Future,” says GROWMARK Innovation Director Heather Thompson. “We believe in leading the market with products and technologies customers didn't know they needed but can't imagine their operation without.”

Lance Ruppert, GROWMARK’s Director of Agronomy Marketing Technology, also commented.

Lance Ruppert, Director of Agronomy Marketing Technology, GROWMARK“We are looking at the future of farming,” adds Ruppert. “We have been working with and utilizing Solinftec’s leading agricultural technologies for over three years and are excited to partner on a project with the potential to change farm practices for the better of the industry and environment.”

With the continued evolution of agtech, be sure to follow along with us here at ANUK.

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