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Stemilt Announces Year-Round Availability of Cosmic Crisp® and Drives Organic Rings With EZ Band; Brianna Shales Divulges

Stemilt Announces Year-Round Availability of Cosmic Crisp® and Drives Organic Rings With EZ Band; Brianna Shales Divulges

WENATCHEE, WA - Staying ahead of the curve while continuing to help retailers maximize register rings, Stemilt has announced that Cosmic Crisp® apples will launch as a year-round variety on December 1. The announcement comes as the grower has also unveiled its new EZ Band sustainable packaging.

Brianna Shales, Marketing Director, Stemilt“We have a lighter apple crop in Washington State this year, so it’s exciting to have a growing variety like Cosmic Crisp that has superior flavors and traits,” said Brianna Shales, Marketing Director. “Many Cosmic Crisp orchards are coming into production, including organic production, this year. We will increase our organic supply by about 120 percent and 77 percent for conventional.”

As Cosmic Crisp will be a year-round variety, retailers will have more opportunities in the apple category, a release explained. Organic Cosmic Crisp will also have a longer season than years prior.

On December 1, 2022, Stemilt will launch Cosmic Crisp® as a year-round variety

Catching organic register rings has become a concern in stores as retailers look to minimize shrink, especially at self-checkout stations. To help, Stemilt has unveiled its new sustainable package, the EZ Band, which will aid in ensuring the organic premium.

“It’s exciting to hit the threshold of supplying Cosmic Crisp all year long here on out,” added Shales. “The EZ Band is being introduced for conventional and organic large-sized Cosmic Crisp apples this year and can help provide a sustainable packaging solution to drive sales of Cosmic Crisp. It’s a UPC item that’s sold off the count, which drives purchase size to ensure you catch organic ring and doesn’t shrink the item.”

Continuous demand for Cosmic Crisp from both retailers and consumers positions the variety for promotions this season, and it can now become a part of the everyday apple mix. Due to volume, Cosmic Crisp is going to break into the top 10 apples this year, but consumers still need to be educated on the apple.

To help catch organic register rings and minimize shrink, Stemilt has also unveiled its new sustainable packaging innovation, EZ Band

“During a crop that has tighter volumes on key varieties, now is an especially good time to highlight the traits of Cosmic Crisp,” continued Shales. “Build those big bulk fruit displays with Cosmic Crisp’s boxes and use the EZ Band bags to offer options for the grab-and-go shopper. We’re here to help set up promotions and connect retailers with resources for the brand because we’re excited for the success of the variety as well.”

With year-round availability, nothing is stopping retailers from planning out their Cosmic Crisp promotions ahead of time. So, get to brainstorming!

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