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Sun World’s Natalie Erlendson and Jason Fuller Discuss California Grape Market

Sun World’s Natalie Erlendson and Jason Fuller Discuss California Grape Market

BAKERSFIELD, CA - After a slow first half of the year, retailers now have the opportunity to make up volume while ending the year strong in California grapes. Sun World’s Natalie Erlendson, Marketing Manager, and Jason Fuller, Sales Manager, joined me to highlight how the current market is helping retailers cross the finish line this holiday season.

Jason Fuller, Sales Manager, Sun World

“The quality and taste coming out of the vineyard is very good, with a strong eye appeal,” Fuller commented. “This is a great time for retailers to inspire repeat purchases by wowing consumers.”

Despite the lagging consumption earlier in 2016, the industry has seen higher volumes of California grapes over last year, thanks to less turbulent weather than previous harvests. By focusing on proprietary grapes like red SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® and black ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grapes, which have outstanding quality, retailers have a great opportunity now to help grapes make their way back to consumer baskets.

In addition to the strong quality, Sun World notes the importance of merchandising support in boosting California grape sales.

Natalie Erlendson, Marketing Manager, Sun World

“Since grapes are an impulse purchase, point of sale signage helps generate enthusiasm in the store and capture shopper attention,” Erlendson added.

Retailers looking to catch consumer eyes can benefit from the storytelling assets that Sun World offers to customers. According to Erlendson, consumer research shows that shoppers are interested in learning about special grape varieties. Sun World strives to provide this kind of support through its ample marketing and promotion programs, including digital content and marketing assets.

Will consumers consumption of fresh produce pick up through the holiday season? Stay tuned with AndNowUKnow to find out.

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