SunFed Adds Perfect Romas®, Grape, and Beefsteak Tomatoes to Perfect Produce® Line

SunFed Adds Perfect Romas®, Grape, and Beefsteak Tomatoes to Perfect Produce® Line

RIO RICO, AZ - As part of the company’s efforts to grow its one-stop-shop for retail partners, SunFed has begun shipping vine-ripened Perfect Romas®, setting its sights on adding both Grape and Beefsteak Tomatoes to the Perfect Produce® lineup in the fall.

Eduardo Herbst, Tomato Sales Manager, SunFed“We are constantly working to improve and elevate our year-round program across the U.S. and Canada,” explains Eduardo Herbst, Tomato Sales Manager. “With our recent expansion in McAllen, Texas, and long-time headquarters in Nogales, Arizona, we are able to reach our East Coast and West Coast partners with ease, less travel time, and a high-quality product with maximum radiant freshness.”

These items will be complementing SunFed’s established line of Perfect Produce® offerings, which include squash, bell pepper, eggplant, cucumbers, limes, and specialty melons.

According to a press release, cooler temps caused on lower yields for the beginning of the season, but now the longer and warmer days have shot volumes back up. The company notes that its tomato quality this year is amazing, with incredible flavor across the board for all Perfect Produce® items.

Brett Burdsal, VP of Marketing, SunFed

While packaging for the grape and beefsteak tomatoes is still under wraps, VP of Marketing, Brett Burdsal, has designed its high-graphic Perfect Romas® concept.

“Produce is bought with the eyes and Romas have a firm, radiant appearance that we wanted the packaging to showcase while also highlighting the SunFed branding that is all the rave across North America’s produce departments,” Burdsal shared. “SunFed has long been known for quality and delivering just-picked freshness, so I had room to go beyond the picture of the product that you can see in the bag.” 

Brett shared that the concept was inspired by the advertisements of Bernard Villemot and the fashion illustrations of Rene Gruau. Designed to be simple, easy-to-reproduce, clean art, the packaging both grabs the attention of consumers, while complementing the Roma tomatoes.

To learn more about new Perfect Romas® and the entire Perfect Produce® line, visit SunFed’s website at


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