Sunkist's Director of Communications Joan Wickham Talks Navel and Cara Cara Navel Oranges

Sunkist's Director of Communications Joan Wickham Talks Navel and Cara Cara Navel Oranges

VALENCIA, CA - With excellent quality, flavorful fruit, Sunkist’s Navel orange season has commenced. The company predicts strong performance in both the domestic and export market this season.  

Joan Wickham, Director of Communications, Sunkist“Navel oranges are the quintessential orange,” said Joan Wickham, Director of Communications. “With its iconic balance of sweet and tart flavors and deep ties to the holiday season, the Navel orange is sure to catch the eye of consumers this December and beyond.” 

And retailers looking for a sustained supply of the staple fruit beyond the time for stocking-stuffers can take heart; the company’s Navels are available through June of next year.

Cara Cara Navel Oranges

Sunkist’s holiday-themed packaging and vibrant display units can help retailers catch shoppers’ attention and encourage purchase with educational facts and usage information. And retailers courting more adventurous-eating consumers can take advantage of the company’s especially robust Cara Cara crop.

Navel Oranges Holiday Boxes

“Our Cara Cara Navel season is just beginning, and we are looking forward to a very strong crop this year,” said Joan. “Nutrient rich, beautiful in color, and deliciously sweet—this variety holds tremendous promise for growth as consumers become more familiar with its delicious flavor and health benefits.”

Cara Cara Navel Oranges Quarter Bin

Because Cara Caras Navels are orange on the outside, but contain extraordinarily sweet, pink flesh, consumers may mistake them for other Navel varieties: “Since Caras look like Navels on the outside, it’s important that retailers educate consumers about the differences that make this variety unique–its incredibly sweet flavor and nutrition profile,” Joan added. 

Sunkist offers point-of-sales materials, including customizable display bins, to help retailers educate consumers on the unique merits of the Cara Cara. 


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