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Texas 1015 Sweet Onions Hosted Inaugural Restaurant Week; Dante Galeazzi Details

Texas 1015 Sweet Onions Hosted Inaugural Restaurant Week; Dante Galeazzi Details

MISSION, TX - Successfully bringing together foodservice and Texas 1015 sweet onions, the Texas 1015 Sweet Onion (TX1015) marketing campaign recently wrapped up its inaugural TX1015 Sweet Onion Restaurant week promotion. Ending May 8, the marketing campaign focused directly on Texas consumers and worked to increase awareness of the flavorful onion variety.

Dante Galeazzi, Manager, South Texas Onion Committee and President and Chief Executive Officer, Texas International Produce Association"Restaurant Week was a great opportunity to bring attention to the TX1015 Sweet Onion, but it also brings a lot of promotional buzz to the restaurants and eateries of a region," explained Dante Galeazzi, Manager of the South Texas Onion Committee (STOC) and Chief Executive Officer and President of the Texas International Produce Association (TIPA). "After all, our first and easiest consumers should be the ones who drive past these fields every single day. Sharing the message about the bounty of our local fresh produce."

To make the event a hit, the campaign joined forces with restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, with each participant being given a 50-pound bag of TX1015 Sweet Onions to be used to create a TX1015-themed drink or dish to inspire diners. According to a press release, after enjoying the offerings, dining guests were able to vote for their favorite dishes, helping restaurants boost online promotions.

In the end, the three top restaurants received prize packages. They include:

  • 1st Prize - Frankie Flav'z Craft Burgers & BBQ Co. serving a Brisket Blooming Onion
  • 2nd Prize - Schneider's German Gasthaus & Beergarden serving a Zwiebelschnitzel, a variation of schnitzel topped with a heaping pile of fried TX1015 Sweet Onions
  • 3rd Prize - Teddy's BBQ serving smoked onion sausage and burgers mixed with TX1015 Sweet Onions

Overall, Restaurant Week brought increased attention to the TX1015 Sweet Onion brand, with 2,500 social media engagements reaching 85,956 people, 2,600 new website visitors, and 695 online votes throughout the 10-day event.

The Texas 1015 Sweet Onion marketing campaign recently wrapped up its inaugural Restaurant Week, working to promote the onion variety and local restaurants

"Restaurant Week allowed us to shine a spotlight on the creativity of the region’s local food scene and tap into the diverse flavors of South Texas," added Galeazzi. "I'm grateful we were able to partner with so many great businesses, to reach so many people, and happiest of course to see all the creative ways they were able to cook with the TX1015 Sweet Onion."

What other exciting promotions will the TX1015 Sweet Onions marketing campaign come up with next? Stick with AndNowUKnow to find out.

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