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Thomas Fresh Reveals New Packaging With Local Focus

Thomas Fresh Reveals New Packaging With Local Focus

CANADA - To me, football has never been more than the delicious finger foods I would snack on at Super Bowl parties. But, unlike me, many other people take a lot of pride in their football team. Thomas Fresh joins this crowd, as it launches a new local potato bag in support of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Robb McGill, Saskatoon Branch Manager, Thomas Fresh“The whole team at Thomas Fresh is very proud to have the privilege of working with such a storied franchise as the Saskatchewan Roughriders,” said Saskatoon Branch Manager, Robb McGill. “In Saskatchewan, Rider pride is something you are born with and stays with you no matter where life takes you. Working with the Riders for this promotion has given us all cause for excitement and a great deal of pride.”

The new packaging comes as a second installment of the packer’s local bag collection, following Alberta-grown potatoes, according to a press release. With more and more consumers looking to shop locally, many retailers have quickly adapted by sourcing fresh ingredients from local growers.

Thomas Fresh recently launched a new local potato bag in support of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

The bag is a celebration of both local potatoes and the local CFL team, sparking excitement amongst many shoppers.

“Our roots at Thomas Fresh have been a part of The Riders nation since 1957,” McGill said, “and we couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity.”

Shoppers will soon be swarming the produce department not only in support of their team, but local farmers as well.

As more companies create innovative ways to capture the eyes of consumers, we at AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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