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Tive Partners With Blue Yonder to Promote Supply Chain Visibility; Krenar Komoni and Shawna Baker Comment

Tive Partners With Blue Yonder to Promote Supply Chain Visibility; Krenar Komoni and Shawna Baker Comment

BOSTON, MA - As Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” This is especially true for those working to create solutions for the supply chain. Tive recently announced a new strategic partnership with Blue Yonder, a digital supply chain and omni-commerce fulfillment platform provider.

Krenar Komoni, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Tive"Collaboration and partnerships across the entire supply chain ecosystem are what we strive for every day here at Tive," said Chief Executive Officer and Founder Krenar Komoni. "Combining all aspects of real-time shipment data—location, condition, TMS, and control tower data—customers everywhere get real-time actionable information on what is happening with their shipments. We are excited to partner with Blue Yonder to help make global supply chains more efficient."

By integrating data and insights from Blue Yonder’s transportation management solution and Luminate™ Control Tower, a press release explained, this partnership provides mutual customers with insights beyond shipment locations and conditions that deliver a better end-consumer experience.

Shawna Baker, Head of Partnerships, Tive"Here at Tive, we seek to partner with companies that align with our culture of transparency, collaboration, and relentless pursuit to ensure that every shipment arrives on time, in full, and in good condition," added Shawna Baker, Head of Partnerships. "Blue Yonder is a natural symbiotic fit in Tive's partner ecosystem thanks to their strong capabilities in transportation management and control tower visibility."

Those who work in retail and manufacturing are always chasing after insights to better manage customers’ growing expectations. This partnership better allows for that, as it delivers shared data and efficiencies for logistics providers, offering near real-time visibility for customers across the globe.

Tive has partnered with Blue Yonder, using its transportation management solution and Luminate™ Control Tower to improve supply chain visibility for its clients

Partnering with Blue Yonder will allow Tive to deliver on its promise of 90 percent reduced 'where-is-my-order' costs; a 90 percent reduction in claims for lost, damaged, or delayed items; and an overall 10 percent savings on total freight spend to customers.

Exciting times ahead for Tive! We look forward to hearing the latest.

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