Trinity Fruit Company Teams Up With Sesame Street To Highlight Plums; Angela Hernandez Shares

Trinity Fruit Company Teams Up With Sesame Street To Highlight Plums; Angela Hernandez Shares

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FRESNO, CA - We all are foodies at heart in our industry, but the cast at Sesame Street takes the pie. Cookie Monster and Gonger, known as the Monster Foodies in the iconic show, give culinary chefs a run for their money on their visit to a Trinity Fruit Company orchard for an adorable baking segment to utilize this season’s sweet offering: plums.

Produced and directed by Chief Executive Officer Paige Morrow Kimball of Makazan Films, the 1-minute segment focuses on the Monster Foodie’s order to make a plum pie for their young customer. Before the duo begins making their recipe, they take a little jaunt to the plum orchard to speak with Farmer Angela—Angela Hernandez herself, Trinity Fruit’s Director of Marketing.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“Teaming up with Sesame Street helps to educate young consumers about plums and how you can eat them,” Angela says. “Not only was teaming up with Sesame Street beneficial to Trinity Fruit as a company but beneficial to the ag industry as a whole because our end goal is to encourage healthy snacking for this generation and for generations to come.”

The Monster Foodies learn about how different varieties of plums are grown and harvested at Trinity Fruit’s Central Valley plum field in Kingsburg, California. After gathering their hand-picked fruit, the Monster Foodies prepare the pie to their customer’s delight, just in time for “pie o’clock.”

“We couldn’t have been more honored than to share our labor of love in what we do,” Angela continues. “This was an amazing experience, and children were able to learn about the plum growing process and see it for themselves in the episode ‘Goldilocks and the Three Homes,’ which was aired on June 23, 2022, and is now available for streaming on HBO Max, Season 52, Episode 33.”

Portraying nutritious and fresh fruits and vegetables to young consumers is key to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. By starting them off young, consumers will grow up with healthy habits, eager to take on the wide world of fresh produce.

As growers continue to employ unique opportunities to entice the next generation, stick around with ANUK to learn more about their strategies.

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