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Weathermelon Updates App to Aid Industry

Weathermelon Updates App to Aid Industry

IRVINE, CA - Every morning, I start my day off by checking the weather app. I’m a California girl through and through, which means I need to know if it’s sunny and ASAP—since a lack of sunshine determines my entire day: mood, commute, hair, and all! With a newly expanded app, Weathermelon, the produce industry’s go-to weather resource, is making sure that all of the produce industry is able to do the same, freely and throughout the day.

David Robidoux, Founder, Weathermelon“Recently, we took the app from a subscription model to a free service. We felt this would be the best option for brand building and bringing important information to more people,” David Robidoux, Founder, shared with me. “Weathermelon has proven to be a great tool for the farmer, seller, and buyer, as having the weather for all growing locations right at their fingertips keeps people much more informed about where markets might be headed.”

In addition, Weathermelon has also made efforts to broaden the amount of data available to users. In response to user requests, Weathermelon added additional commodities such as onions and more growing locations throughout Mexico.

Weathermelon recently took its app from a subscription to a free service to better serve the industry

As we continue slowly making our way through 2019, I asked David if the industry can expect any other new and exciting things from Weathermelon.

“Going forward, we have a lot of great ideas for Weathermelon. We want to provide more useful datapoints to help the Weathermelon Family, such as weekly weather history. We hope to expand our database of growing locations to include regions that ship to Europe,” David said. “We also have plans to offer an API service with produce companies and grower associations who wish to share with their customers.”

Talk about a great forecast!

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