Westmoreland Sales - Topline Farms' Dino DiLaudo Discusses CPMA Showcase

Westmoreland Sales - Topline Farms' Dino DiLaudo Discusses CPMA Showcase

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA - If you find yourself hungry for a snack at the upcoming Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Convention and Trade Show, one booth worth checking out will be that of Westmoreland Sales - Topline Farms. With the show quickly approaching, I got in touch with the company’s Dino DiLaudo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Dino DiLaudo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Westmoreland Sales - Topline Farms

“We are excited to showcase our snacking collection; our Grab N’ Go snacking tomatoes have been well received so far and samples will be available for tasting at booth #1531 and the Healthy Break Area,” Dino told me. “This is still a fast-growing category and new packs that can be displayed in unconventional ways in-store can create a buzz and hopefully generate more sales.”

There are many advantages to attending CPMA, and one of them, as Dino explained, is seeing firsthand what the latest trends are and the general trajectory of the industry. He added that there are a lot of similar patterns in produce, but knowing what is at the forefront helps you better position yourself in the market.

“Getting face-to-face time with industry peers will be a top priority. We do a lot of business in Canada with many different partners, and it is not often that everyone is under the same roof at the same time. We place great value on these in-person meetings, as they often lead to deeper and more meaningful conversations,” Dino continued.

At the upcoming Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Convention and Trade Show, Westmoreland Sales - Topline Farms will have its innovative offerings on display

Topline has become known for creating a fun atmosphere at its booth. This year will be no different, as the company aims to create an engaging environment complete with food, drinks, and lively conversations. Dino noted that Topline’s hope is for guests to leave with a clear understanding of its recent expansions and the value it offers to retailers.

“Our primary goal for the show is to demonstrate to retailers and partners our latest advancements. Over the past year, we've significantly increased our output capacity through expanded greenhouse acreage. With most of our greenhouses now equipped with lights, we've reduced the seasonality aspect of our business even further,” Dino stated. “It's crucial for us to showcase our ability to supply higher volumes of greenhouse produce and highlight improvements in our distribution capacity, including the expansion of our truck fleet.”

On a final note, Dino teased that there are exciting plans for the future of Topline Farms, and the company is on track to making some big changes. Though he couldn’t share much now, those who visit Topline’s booth at CPMA can get a glimpse of what is to come.

Stay tuned for more event coverage as CPMA draws near.

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