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What's in Store: Honeybear Brands' Pazazz Apple Offers Big Flavor

ELGIN, MN - Life shouldn’t be about sitting on a shelf—blasé and blending in.

Life is best lived with PAZAZZ!

A bit shiny, a bit showy—with BIG dreams even when the bites are small—life is more FLAVORFUL with Pazazz.

Here’s What’s in Store.

Start thinking beyond the brix, outside the box, and inside every moment—with an apple variety that brings the Wow, Right Now!

Add Pazazz to your store and watch the late season apple profits soar

This toothsome treat can add dazzle to a day, snap to a salad, sass to a snack or sparkle to an assortment.

Where do you share your Pazazz? You know, that little extra glow to your get up and go? Do you reserve it for certain people or proudly put it on display?

Life is more flavorful with Pazazz premium apples

Pazazz is special, and when you find it, it leaves you wanting more!

So when the other premium apple flavors fade, add Pazazz to your store and watch the late season apple profits soar.

Exclusively from Honeybear Brands.

Thank you for watching What’s in Store.

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