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Wish Farms Introduces New Raspberry Program

Wish Farms Introduces New Raspberry Program

PLANT CITY, FL – Wish Farms is rounding out its line of berries with a new category offering. The grower-shipper and year-round supplier of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries has announced that the company is adding raspberries to its growing and marketing program.

James Peterson, Vice President of Fresh Sales, Wish Farms“We are pleased to announce that we will be growing and marketing raspberries and blackberries from our new farm in Santa Maria, California,” said James Peterson, Vice President of Fresh Sales. “This marks a shift from spot-production to a consistent year-round supply. Starting September our supply will take us through the end of the season. Next year, we will come into production in early-June with both commodities.”

The company noted, in a press release, that since initially announcing the addition of blackberries to its lineup in October of last year, the company has expanded its year-round berry supply, adding acreage and developing more retail partnerships as well as consumer programs.

Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, Wish Farms“From a marketing perspective, adding raspberries to our program is very exciting,” noted Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing. “We are looking forward to exploring even more creative ways to connect consumers to our complete berry patch and deliver a memorable experience.”

The company also noted that Wish Farms’ ongoing Life Is Sweet campaign has encouraged fans, followers, and berry lovers to engage with Wish Farms directly for the last two years. Whether it’s through the How’s My Picking?™ consumer feedback program, or through Wish Farms’ social media and e-newsletter platforms, said Wish Farms, communicating directly with the end consumer is extremely important to meeting the company’s goals.

Wish Farms Raspberries

“We want our customers to feel like they are part of the Wish Farms family, because they are,” added Maloney. “By expanding our berry offering with the addition of raspberries and sharing simple recipes, we look forward to connecting with even more berry lovers out there.”

Additionally, this June, Wish Farms introduced an exclusive recipe eBook, available only to Wish Farms Berry Lovers. The Red, White, and Blue Recipe eBook shared bright, delicious, easy-to- make 4th of July inspired recipes. Wish Farms also offered the official Sweet Summer Recipe eBook and Back-to-School Recipe eBook, with recipes that anyone can try at home.

For more on Wish Farms’ Berry Lover sign up program, click here.

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