Yerecic Label Launches New Safety Reseal Label

Yerecic Label Launches New Safety Reseal Label

NEW KENSINGTON, PA – Yerecic Label has announced the launch of its Safety Reseal label.

According to the company, this label construction keeps clamshells closed during transit, ensures product safety through tamper evident features and allows customers to reseal packages to maintain freshness while providing room for brand information.

Rich Thoma, VP of Sales and Marketing, Yerecic Label

“As a company, we are always watching for market issues that our products can solve,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Rich Thoma. “Some retailers are mandating sealed produce over a certain weight and we’ve also observed rubber bands and masking tape applied at retail around produce clamshells to keep them sealed – we knew we could develop a better solution.”

The company says that the Safety Reseal label allows growers and retailers to increase brand recognition and put product information like serving suggestion, recipes and storage information on the back of the label.

Art Yerecic, President, Yerecic Label

“Consumers are looking for convenience in every aspect of supermarkets especially on the fresh perimeter,” said Yerecic Label President Art Yerecic. “The re-sealable feature on the label allows the valuable product information to stay intact as consumers open the packaging and reseal to maintain freshness.”

Falling in line with the increased focus on food safety, the label also assures consumers that the product has not been altered or touched during transit from the farm.

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